Yeah, That’s My Son!



(I have no idea what that light is above his head, but does it not look like a little Leprechaun crown?  The Prince of Cute – that’s my boy!)

The cutest ringbearer EVER, don’t ya think?  (Okay, technically they didn’t actually trust him with the ring, but he still got to walk the aisle and get his name in the program.)

My beautiful step-daughter’s wedding was on Saturday, and Noah, along with my 6 other kiddos and one other step-daughter were all in the wedding.  Man, talk about a good photo op!

A little disclaimer here – My other kiddos are really as equally adorable, but the only way dear hubby of mine agreed to let me post pics of Noah on the Internet was if I promised for safety’s sake not to post pics of anybody else in our family.  (And he is right, the Internet is a scary place, but after doing a risk/benefit analysis, we decided the world needed proof of just how awesome little boys with Down syndrome can be.)  So as much as I’d like to, I just can’t.

The wedding was amazing, my step-daughter was gorgeous and so very gracious and sensitive to everyone attending.

I usually can’t stop crying at weddings.  I’m not exactly sure why – it seems to be a mixture of seeing the beautiful and hopeful bride, watching her take her last walk as a single woman with her father, realizing this is the day she’s waited her whole life for, and knowing just how many times a woman’s heart breaks during the lifetime of a marriage.  I know, I’m morbid like that.

Although the tears fell on Saturday, they were brief – beginning as I walked escorted down the aisle after her grandparents, watching my children dressed in their Sunday best precede the bride, seeing the bride for the first time in her dress and realizing that this was truly the first day of the rest of her life, watching my hubby struggle to hold his emotions in check as he turned her over to her husband to be.  But the tears for the heartbreaks, they did not come.  I’ve watched her and her new husband, and I’m quite sure that they have already figured out how to, as Trinity says, compromise with each other without compromising themselves.   They so completely and totally want the best for each other.  I want to be like that when I grow up.

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