Driving Our Way Through the ABC’s

I combined a couple activities I saw on Pinterest and came up with this:


I bought the cars at the Dollar Store – three for a dollar.

The Littles (Noah -6 with Down syndrome, Bella 4 and Seth 3) love this new activity!

Here’s the scoop:

Activity:  Driving Our Way Through the ABCs

Supplies Needed:

  1. 26 toy cars.
  2. White craft paper from a roll
  3. Markers
  4. Circle stickers (found in office supplies for garage sale pricing)


  1. Draw a road on craft paper with separate “garages” marked in order from A-Z.  Add decorations like parks and trees – get as fancy as you like and perhaps even let your little one help.
  2. Write a different letter on each circle sticker,  A-Z. 
  3. Place one sticker on each car.

Directions:  Have your child drive each car along the road to its designated garage.  For children new to the alphabet, line up the cars in order so that the first car goes to the first garage which will be marked A, the second car will go to the next garage marked B, etc.  For children more familiar with the alphabet, mix up the cars so the child will have to search for the matching letter.

(Or you can just look at the picture and probably figure out everything you need to know.)

Look out Mom – this activity just might keep Junior busy for the whole afternoon!


4 thoughts on “Driving Our Way Through the ABC’s”

  1. I love it when blogging moms post things they’ve learned on Pinterest because 1) they’re usually awesome ideas, like this one and 2) I don’t have to go on Pinterest myself because I do NOT need another online addiction to add to my collection. Thanks for posting:)

    1. Yes, addiction is definately the word! And I really, really appreciate your comment, because it reinforces the idea that I’m doing something for humanity by spending countless hours on Pinterest coming up with these ideas. :). I was starting to feel a little guilty.

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