Free Printable Cutom Book for Target Speaking Words

bye bye moon

Finding different ways to have children with speech delays use some of the words they are drilling in speech therapy can be a challenge, but it’s necessary in order to have those words integrated into each child’s vocabulary.

The Lovely Miss L, Noah’s former speech therapy was a genius at coming up with ways to do just that.  One technique she used was making PEC books out of Noah’s target words.  His first book was a story about a bee, a blue boat, a mommy and a daddy.  Now that Noah has mastered those words, I tried my hand at making a new PEC story book for him, and I have it here to share as a freebie:  Bye-Bye Moon PEC book

Just cut the pages into horizontal strips, assemble the book according to the text below, and staple it together in the top left corner.


Bye bye moon.  Hi sun.  Time to wake up.  Listen.  Daddy up.  Mommy up.  Noah up. Out of bed.  Noah eat cookie?  No no Noah.  Noah eat oat?  No no Noah.  Yes, yes, Noah.  Daddy go bye bye in beep beep.  Noah in beep beep?  No no Noah.  Bye bye Daddy.  Bye bye beep beep.  Mommy home.  Noah home.

This doubles as a social story, because the text reminds Noah to stay in his bed until he hears Mommy or Daddy moving around in the morning .  Also it reminds him that although he can’t go to work with Daddy, Mommy will be home with him – oh joy!

And yes, I am a little narcissistic when it comes to Noah – someday he’ll have his own line of children’s books, I’m sure.  If you’d like to exchange Noah’s name and picture for your child’s, you can find the editable file over at at


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