S is for Star Stickers!!!

Oh, oh, oh!  Do I get bonus points for coming up with a 2-S-word activity?

Here’s what we did:

First I made a S using dotted lines on construction paper.


Next I had Noah trace over the lines with a marker like this:


And finally he peeled star stickers and stuck them on his S like this:


I’ve been questioning myself lately, asking again, “Am I doing this right” when it comes to educating Noah.  Down syndrome does a pretty good job of eradicating any hope of any norms to measure him against.  Our goal has always been to give him the support and opportunity to go just as far as he can, but there’s no real way to tell if we’re doing that or not.

In choosing the pictures to post today, though, I realized another thing he has accomplished this year – another milestone he has, indeed reached.  In the beginning of this school year, I looked at kindergarten curriculum for him and was dismayed because he was nowhere near ready for any of it.  Most homeschool kindergarten workbooks are full of tracing and writing activities.  I wondered, how in the world am I EVER going to teach him to trace.  Paper was something to be scribbled on top of, he paid no attention to what was printed on it.  I could get him to copy some of the strokes I made, but forget tracing.

But Noah traced this S all by himself.  I know, I know, you can teach most kids to do this in a week.  Not Noah.  Noah doesn’t learn until he is ready to learn, he just doesn’t.  No amount of practice changes that.  He wasn’t ready for this at the beginning of the school year.  He is now.  Progress.  We’re moving forward.

Really, that’s all I need – just to know the boy is moving forward under my tutelage.  I can’t let him down.  He’s counting on me.

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