Arm-a-Dillow – You’re a Dillow

I know, I know, Texas is home to some pretty tall tales.  But in case you haven’t traveled to Texas lately to view the local roadkill, I just wanted to let you know, that yes, armadillos are real and they really do live in Texas.


We found this one in what used to be our garden.  I thought they were night creatures, but apparently they come out quite a bit in the daytime.  This is not the first one we’ve seen.  And I’ll tell you what, they are MEAN-looking little critters.  But thank God for armadillos; trying to trap this one kept my middles busy for most of the afternoon yesterday.

Can’t wait to tell you why I’ve been too busy lately to blog . . . I’ve already written that post – just have to wait for one more thing to happen before I can post it . . .


2 thoughts on “Arm-a-Dillow – You’re a Dillow”

    1. It was funny. They came running into the house hollering they found a baby armadillo. I imagined a mean mamma with a bunch of babies taking over what used to be our chicken yard. Instead it was a HUGE armadillo, no way was it a baby. They wanted to cage it and show it to Daddy when they got home. I nixed that plan. I probably should have let them. It’s all one great big adventure to my kids.

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