Ahhhhh, Spring. . .

I thought I’d celebrate the first day of Spring (last Wednesday) blogging about all the beautiful signs abounding that Spring is here; the butterflies, the purple verbena already blanketing our yard, the two male blue jays I watched jockeying for position in a cedar tree.

But this is what my first day of Spring really looked like:


That’s a picture of, you guessed it, two firemen looking at the border of what was a 4-acre brush fire.  I was standing at the edge of our back yard when I took this, about 10 yards from where they are.  Yeah, 10 yards.  About 4 acres burned.


This picture shows the smoke from burning brush just beneath the edge of our property.



All of these pictures were actually taken the day after the fire – it flared up again long after the firefighters went home.  They came back – sirens and all.

You know, it was a very strange feeling after running to the edge of our property on day one of the fire, realizing we had to get out, yelling at my kids to “grab your partner” (each Middle has a Little for a partner), crowding into the Suburban driving away, just me, my kids and my iPad and thinking to myself, “It’s all good.  We’re together, we’re safe, and it’ll be okay.”  (I’d leave out the bit about the iPad, but my kids have been teasing me mercilessly ever since.  They’d tattle on me if I told you I just grabbed the kids.)

I’m a collector of stuff – I have a ton of it.  But I’d trade it all without any hesitation for my family.  I’m thankful for the reminder.

And our house and yard still stands.

Wow.  I’m a lucky girl.  I get to keep my family and my stuff.

And Amber, this post is for you.  🙂


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