All About Me – A DIY Book

Sweet JP over at is picking up speech left and right, but he hasn’t added “me” to his vocabulary, and we all know how important the word “me” is to a preschooler, don’t we?  Cuz he’s such an adorable little guy and cuz his mom is pretty amazing, I wanted to help  them out a bit in nailing this word down.

Now, I could swear I’ve posted this DIY book before, but alas I cannot find the post.  So I snapped a few pictures of the book we made way back when (yeah, like 4 months ago or so), and I’m putting it out there again.

This book is called “All About Me.”  I put the title and a picture of Noah on the front.  And please don’t worry about ordering prints for these books – just print them off on regular paper on a color printer and they will work just fine.  If you have prints already, you can use a small photo album if you like.


This is a book about Noah and Noah’s favorite things, so each two-page spread includes a who question and a picture of Noah on the facing page like this:



There are only three 2-page spreads in this book – add more if your child as appropriate according to your child’s attention span.  Noah always enjoyed this book and would enthusiastically shout “me” when we got to “his” pages in the book.

For  tutorial on how to make a heavy-duty book out of cardstock, go to  And yes, a simple book made out of heavy paper like construction paper would work fine too.

JP – Glad you’re feeling better, Bud.  We were rooting for you (no pun intended :)).

3 thoughts on “All About Me – A DIY Book”

  1. Fantastic! Thank you for posting…I was already wracking my brain on how to make one (you know me, always attempting to reinvent the wheel over here). I’m excited to get this one started! We need some structure since we’ve taken off so much time from therapy. 😉

    1. Yeah, don’t do that reinventing the wheel thing. Don’t ever hesitate to email me or ask me specifics – I REALLY don’t mind, and sometimes I can turn it into a post (if you don’t mind, of course).


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