Owe, Owe, Owe We Owe

It’s not what you think, really.

I haven’t added a PayPal button to the side of my blog and I’m not asking for contributions.

It’s just that yesterday, Noah stopped me from singing, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and pointed to himself and said “me.”  Then he proceeded to push me back and forth while he sang his version that sounded a lot like “Owe, Owe, Owe We Owe.”


Marcus sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat to Noah during speech therapy while Noah swings.  He usually stops after “Your” and Noah fills in the blank with boat (one of those words that he can say perfectly).  So I guess I can say my Little Man is going up and beyond.  The fact that Noah is carrying this over from his speech sessions is such an encouragement to me.  I just need to get him to end his song with “boat” instead of “owe.”

We’ll save the “r’s” for later, if you don’t mind.


4 thoughts on “Owe, Owe, Owe We Owe”

  1. Amazing! Jp is just starting to recognize himself in pictures and I just got the “low down” from the pathologist on what a big step that is and I still haven’t gotten a “me” yet! Big hugs! He’s really picking up steam now, huh? 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amber. It takes another mom of a kiddo with special needs to truly understand how awesome these otherwise “little things” are. Have you made JP a book starring himself in pictures? Noah loved it when I made him one showing himself doing all his favorite things. It might jumpstart “me.”


      1. Not genius, just a few steps ahead of you on the journey. Between that and being addicted to internet research and Pinterest, I like to think I have an answer for everything, or so I’ve been accused. I realize more every day how amazing his last SLP was – she gave me SOOOO many good ideas.

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