Free Printable Number Strips

When children with special needs learn, often they need more practice than their typically developing peers.  Even their typically developing peers often have to do at least a few repetitions before mastering a new concept.

Number Strip 1-5

Here are some simple counting strips – numbers 1 through 5 with dots and numerals.  (Click on the strips for a free printable PDF; and yes, I know I posted one of these the other day, but I wanted to give you a three-pack so you can use all three at one sitting.)  Cut these strips out and use with any manipulatives.  I like to tie the manipulatives we’re using in with the theme of the week.  Since we’re working on the letter O this week, we’re using shells (“Ocean” theme), Fruit Loops (Os) and orange circles.  You’ll find three strips on the page because I find three to be a good number of repetitions when working with Noah (6-Down syndrome).  I gather three sets of manipulatives and have him do three strips per sitting.  One item goes in each square, and we count sequentially 1-5.

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