Not Writing? No Problem? Alphabet Skills for Prewriters

Is your little one ready to learn the alphabet but has no interest in writing?

No problem.

Consider this:

How many unique shapes would you need to form all the capital letters of the alphabet?

Here’s your hint:


Betcha didn’t know you can make all 26 capital letters with just 4 basic lines (you’ll have to use some twice).

For example, the letter A:  Two long lines, one short line in between.

B:  One long line, two big curves.

C:  One big curve.


And on and on.

Using these free letter puzzle printables I found on Pinterest (, I was able to print out the templates and letter patterns for all 26 uppercase letters.  You’ll find the original post with printables here:

I made my templates with craft foam – I just love the feel of the stuff, and it cuts so nicely.  Tagboard works well too.

All three of my Littles (Noah – 6 with Down syndrome, Bella 4 and Seth 3) all went right to work on this and continue to love this activity.

If you’re familiar with Handwriting Without Tears, they use a similar process for pre-writers.  It’s developmentally sound – a tactile, kinesthetic activity that requires recognizing shapes and working to form alphabet letters.  This kind of activity engages the brain in a way where letter formation and motor planning are happening even though there is no pen and paper in sight.  In other words, this is a great way to start down the Yellow Brick Road on the way to writing.

And as we say in the Land of Oz Homeschool, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

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