Watching Our Way Through the ABCs has made it possible to bring so much into our homeschool classroom and not cost a dime.

This week we are returning to our alphabet curriculum (you know the one, the one I make up as I go along).  Our letter for this week is N, and I found this very cute Storybots video for the letter N.  Turns out they have videos for every letter of the alphabet, and they are all free.  How cool is that?

The beat is rock and roll, the characters are cartoon, and it’s a fast paced run through of a bunch of words that begin with the letter N.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Watching Our Way Through the ABCs”

  1. That’s funny! Music stimulates areas of the brain that encourage learning – proven fact! I taught Language Arts to jr high kids that were way below grade level (due to their non attendance of school) The only way most of them learned the parts of speech was by singing the School House Rock songs. Remember those, they would play them between cartoons on Saturday mornings. I can still sing the preamble to the US Constitution!

    1. I TOTALLY remember School House Rock! I didn’t know they did one for the Preamble, though. I’ll have to see if I can find it – on You-Tube, of course.


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