High School Kids Today – Sigh

Sigh, as in breathtaking.
Sigh, as in inspirational.
Sigh, as in thank you Jesus for giving us some good news about what is going on out there in our schools.

It seems Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas (I LOVE TEXAS!), was the scene last week of a pretty awesome basketball game – watch the final moments here:


You know the drill. The high school basketball team captain, Mitchell Marcus, is the team’s inspiration even though he doesn’t actually play. He’s got special needs, and the best spot for him doesn’t happen to be on the court, it’s on the sidelines. Coronado High’s team was far enough ahead in the final minutes of the game, the coach put Mitchell in the last few minutes just so he’d have a chance to be in the game. The Coronado players kept getting the ball to Mitchell, but his shots just weren’t going in, just weren’t going in, just weren’t going in. And from what I hear, Mitchell has a reputation for being a pretty good shot.

The crowd was going wild, every single person on the bleachers for both sides were on their feet cheering for Mitchell.

And then the unthinkable. The other team wound up with the ball.

And then even more unthinkable. The Franklin High player, Jon Montanez, who had wound up with the ball, gave it back to Mitchell.

And do you know what Mitchell did with that ball? He sunk it! Score!

Mitchell is definitely a hero, but the other hero here is Jon Montanez.

Doesn’t it make you wonder just what the heck his parents did to grow a man like him? I know, I know, once our kids reach a certain age, they make their own decisions, blah blah blah. But honestly, character like this doesn’t happen by accident.

The world needs more Mitchell Marcuses and Jon Montanezes. Good work, guys.

And if you happen to run across Jon Montanez’s parents, would you ask them to shoot me an email? I’ve got a question or two to ask them.



7 thoughts on “High School Kids Today – Sigh”

    1. I think I’m going to start being proactive about finding these stories! They give me such hope and such peace that God is still among us and is impacting this generation as he has the generations before.


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