The Lion King On Stage

My mom’s Christmas present for my family was to take us all to see the theater production of The Lion King over the weekend (thanks, Mom, you’re the greatest!).

The kids did great – Noah was on the edge of his seat for the entire first half and didn’t get antsy until the last 30 minutes or so.  He was SOOOO excited to see all the “animals” on the stage, and he signed quite a few of the animals he saw.  My favorite was definitely the elephant.

There was one scene where there were three or four rather abstract-looking giraffes in the background, and Noah figured out what they were before I did.

Guys, I’ve got one bright little boy on my hands.

An added bonus was that both my stepdaughters and my stepdaughter’s fiance were included in my mom’s gift to us, so the whole family was together – AND said fiance bought us copies of the soundtrack, so we’ve been singing and dancing to Acuma Matata all weekend long.

Magic, pure and simple magic.



2 thoughts on “The Lion King On Stage”

    1. Those moments are too few, that’s for sure. Such a blessing that we’re all getting along and enjoy each other!!!! Today’s “moments” are tomorrow’s memories.


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