So That’s What Happens When I Forget to Pray

I admit it.
Sometimes (often) I get so busy fixing things and arranging things that I forget to pray about them.
Case in point, Noah’s need for a new SLP.
I’ve put out my feelers, and wound up in contact with a group in the Bee Caves area of Austin. Everyone in the practice is PROMPT trained. The owner has been great about answering my questions, and I was intrigued by the fact that one of their SLPs is a man. You just don’t see many of those in practice, at least not with pediatrics. So I was thinking it might be cool for Noah to work with a man, since he spends so much of his time surrounded by his sisters and me. I was in the midst of trying to find out if Marcus has experience with kids with Down syndrome.
Guess what?
Marcus’ brother has Down syndrome.
How likely is it that we would find a SLP (relatively) close to home who knows PROMPT and just happens to have a brother with Down syndrome and is available to work with Noah.
I’m so glad God knows our needs AND CARES ABOUT THEM, even when we forget to talk with Him about them.
. . . to be continued (I’m hoping to get Noah to Marcus next week).

In the meantime, pray that they’d have someone equally as awesome for Andres’ occupational therapy. He is such a sweet soul, and he loves his current OT, but I need for him to get his OT while Noah is getting ST, so he’s going to have to go where Noah goes.


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