He May Have Down Syndrome, But He’s No Angel

down syndrome no angel

There are times I’m tempted to believe what “they” say about people with Down syndrome.  Angels, absolute angels.

But then there’s Noah.

I adore him, no doubt about it, but his “angelicness” is fading further and further into the past.

It seems that even with his extremely limited vocabulary, he’s picked up a word that he loves to say, and it is highly irritating to his siblings.

He picked it up from Seth, of course, who has decided every time somebody doesn’t give him what he wants, they are bad, and he enjoys telling them so.

So “bad” has become Noah’s favorite word to the point he sends some of his siblings off in tears by his use of it.  He’s absolutely fascinated that with one word he has the power to rock somebody’s world.

I’m trying to train him out of it, a flick to the hand, a sorry in sign language and then having him give comfort (a hug) to his “victim.”

For now, the repentance ritual is worth the thrill of the use of the word.

Nope, no angels here.

5 thoughts on “He May Have Down Syndrome, But He’s No Angel”

  1. Ha – if I had a dollar for every stranger in public who remarked on what a delight it must be to raise my son. “He’s such a sweetheart!” they will exclaim with wide smiles.

    Yeah, well, if they had to deal with him for 48 hours straight, they might just change their tune. Not that boys with DS can’t be angels…they can be very sweet. Occasionally. But mental and developmental delay presents a challenge that the general public usually doesn’t understand. Sometimes I try to educate folks, but mostly I just smile, nod and walk away, leaving them in their fantasy world, lol 🙂

    Suffice it to say that our little DS guys have a few dents in their halos! 🙂

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