House Rule No. 253 – No Boots in the Burn Barrel

Smoky Mountain Children's Charleston Cowboy BootsI finally ordered the next size of cowboy boot for Noah (6 with Down syndrome).  They arrived just before Christmas.  Something tells me he didn’t like them.  He tried them on, I left the room, I think he went outside, and I haven’t seen them since.

Gone without a trace.

I checked the burn barrel where we’ve found the girls’ pink tutus that he apparently disliked.  (Maybe it’s because they tried to put him in one.)

No boots.

I’ve searched everywhere, closets, under beds, in boxes – you get the idea.

I’m thinking he outsmarted us and put them in the outside garbage can that gets emptied every week by the trash man.  He’s figured out once something makes it in that can, it’s gone for good.

Anyway, I’m offering a solid buck for the person who can locate the boots and return them to me (just in case they’re not at the dump).  The kids will be scouring the woods on our property tomorrow, I’m sure.  A buck around here is big news.

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