“Baby Cup Milk” – A New 3-word Phrase

Noah (6 with Down syndrome) has a new three-word phrase he has come up with. Not one to deviate, it falls right into line with the fact that food remains a huge motivator for Noah when it comes to language. If they would just make a curriculum based on food, Noah would master it in no time, I’m sure.

Remember these?


My kids still love drinking from these when they are sick and want to drink in bed.  The Littles ask for them from time to time and I tell them, “No, those are for babies and you’re not a baby.”  I know, I know, I really should get rid of them, but they’re just so expensive, and well, we might have another baby . . . someday . . .

So the typical routine around here is Noah uses ASL to sign “milk, please,” I say okay, and we go together to open the cabinet and get a cup with a lid and a straw.  Sometimes he resists and points to the sippy cups and I go through my “those are for babies” routine, and he quickly gives up and takes the cup I hand him.  But he’s catching on to the fact that I get so excited about his language that if he’s willing to say it or sign it, he can pretty much have at least a little of just about anything he wants.

So without me ever calling his sippy cup a baby cup, he’s taken my phraseology and morphed “those are for babies” into “baby cup,” and now instead of signing “milk, please,” he signs, “baby cup milk.”

Pretty clever, dontcha think?

Guess we’ll be using those cups just a little while longer.


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