Christmas Tree Craft for Little Fingers

DSC08550One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the craft ideas the holiday season seems to abound with.

Yesterday we made these Christmas trees – an idea Parker’s mom shared over at  Bella (4) and Noah (6 with Down syndrome) loved this sensory-rich activity.  I almost used regular pom poms I already had instead of buying the tinsel pom poms, but it was definitely worth it!!!  Those little shiny balls of fluff have a fabulous feel to them that we all enjoyed.  Following Tammy’s directions, I cut a Christmas tree out of green felt and then let the kids glue the pom poms onto the tree.  I was so pleased to see that Noah is now able to use a regular bottle of glue, which was something at the beginning of the year I couldn’t imagine him ever being able to do.  (I know, my faith is lacking at times.)  His fine motor and hand strength is really quite good, and my spirit soars every time I see him mastering a kindergarten skill – and using glue independently is definitely a kindergarten skill.

Go, Noah, go!

For those of you who have kids who aren’t ready for free-flowing glue, you may want to try glue pens, glue dots or even putting the glue into an easy-squeeze bottle.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Parker at, an amazing kiddo with Down syndrome who is defying the odds day by day, and his Mom, Tammy, who keeps Parker’s hands busy with great crafts like this one.



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