Where Were You God?

I have struggled for days with whether to post this or not.

I don’t want to jump into the heartache, and as my mom says, “Sometimes there are no words to express our sorrow.”

But this vision will not leave me, and I think the Lord wants me to share it.

Before I could capture it, the thought flew from my heart to my head, “Where were you God?”

I wanted to see God leading those precious children out the door to safety, covering them in the shadow of His wings.

And He did not do what I expected Him to do.

But in answer to the question, “Where were you, God,” He gave me a picture in my mind of Jesus leading those little kindergarteners hand in hand, two at a time, one on each side of Him, up to heaven.

He was there.  And He brought them home.

Not quite the picture I have in my mind’s eye, but I’ve always loved this one.

Pray for Newtown.


4 thoughts on “Where Were You God?”

  1. With the benefit of all the advances in knowledge and technology at our disposal today, we are still left speechless before the horror of a mind gone mad.

    Many years ago I attended a weekend recovery workshop. One of the exercises was to go back in time to a traumatic event in our childhood and reconstruct it for healing. I did exactly the same thing you did.


    I’ll be in touch tomorrow hopefully to talkl to you and Trinity. Hope your birthdays left you feeling warm and loved. You are…m

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