Another New Family Tradition

Some families traditions are quite elaborate.  I’m still new to having the energy to participate in any family tradition, much less come up with my own, but between reading some ideas and adding to them, we decided this year each night in December a child would add an ornament to the tree and we would discuss the significance of what it symbolized and the child would lead an appropriate prayer.

Too bad we didn’t come up with this idea until December 9th.  So, we put nine ornaments on the tree that night, no worries.

Anyway, it’s been fun to look forward to tree time every night and see which ornament gets picked and what it symbolizes to each person.  We’ve hung a Marine ornament and prayed for all those serving our country who will be separated from loved ones this Christmas, we’ve hung a crocheted snowflake and thanked God that He created each one of us differently, we’ve hung a lollipop ornament and thanked God for all his good gifts, we’ve hung a cross ornament and asked God to keep our focus on Jesus this season.  Well, you get the idea.

What traditions are bringing your family together this Christmas?


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