Noah’s Last Ride

Not last as in he’s not going to ride again, last as in the most recent ride.

Noah’s entourage that surround the horse when he rides for hippotherapy brought him into the arena after his trail ride on Tuesday.  I could tell something was up, and they confirmed it when they said, “Okay, Mom, get ready.”  They gave the command and the horse broke into a run – with Noah (6 -DS) on his back.  Totally hilarious – Noah was bouncing up and down like a — gosh, there’s no word I can think of to describe it – the boy was looking pretty airborne, but he kept landing right back on the horse, laughing and signing stop all at the same time.  Then he was helped down and they let him take the reins and lead the horse.  Oh, he was so proud!  And then he insisted on helping to scoop horse poop – okay, sorry if that’s way too much information.  Oh, how the boy loves to work!  And then to finish it all off, under his own volition, he jumped over each of the three pipes that are in the arena for the horses to jump over, the same pipes that his physical therapist, Miss Laurie is always trying to get Noah to jump over.  She models jumping over them every week, and every week, Noah laughs as she jumps and he steps over them – he simply refuses to jump them, even know we know he can. 

Funny kid.  Funny, amazing, heartwarming, stubborn, sweet, lovable kid.

2 thoughts on “Noah’s Last Ride”

    1. I know, I know. I think it would change his whole life – and give him something to be in charge of, to take care of, something all his own.

      I have no desire whatsoever to own a horse, but it’s such magic to see Noah working with the horse – sometimes magic wins out.

      Eden is already insisting all of the Middles need their own horse.


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