Free Printable Word Family Sliders

Gotta love that Pinterest!

18 absolutely free word family cards.  FREE printable and step-by-step directions.

For a direct link to the blog post and free printable, click here:

Bella and I have been using these this week, and I’m very impressed by the quality.  I didn’t bother to mount the cards on the paint chips and make them all pretty – they were beautiful as is!   (Of course I laminated them!)

It’s so fun having an assortment of ways to drill our word families.  They can tend to get pretty boring if you do them the same way every day.

For all you who are working with preschoolers, kindergarteners, brand new readers or kids needing work on word families or rhyming words, this is your free ticket to progress.  The word ending is on the card, and there is a window that you slide a strip through that has all the letters that combined with the ending make a word.  I’m thinking these might come in handy for minimal pairs work with Noah (6 – Down syndrome and suspected apraxia) too when we’re just changing the initial consonant.  There are 18 sliders with cards in this set.  Sweeeet!

Thanks again, Pinterest (and – you’ve got it going on!


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