A Scholarship for Noah

You may remember I mentioned a few weeks back that Noah was done with hippotherapy for the year with his beloved physical therapist.

Noah’s maxed out his sessions on our insurance, and we just aren’t able to pay for the sessions out of our pocket – speech therapy co-pays are enough to put the hurt on us.

Well, said beloved physical therapist found a way to put him on scholarship, so guess who is back on the horse today!

I’ve always heard about those therapists that moms credit with amazing things in their child.  You know, the ones who the moms claim their child just simply adores and who simply adores their child.  Yeah, I always thought that was hokey and the product of some mothers’ overactive imaginations.

Noah’s therapist has proved me wrong.  Well, maybe I was right all along and we just happened to wind up with the one physical therapist in the world who truly loves my little guy and sees him for all the wonderful that he is, knows just how to get him to work, and who I would trust with his best interests a hundred times over.

She’s pretty awesome.

And we’re pretty lucky.

And Noah is back in the saddle again!

(By the way, I stand amazed at one more instance when I didn’t even think to be praying for something (I would never have dreamed to solicit a scholarship), yet God provided abundantly anyway.  So glad it doesn’t all start and end with me.)

Thanks to everybody out at www.redarena.org that made this possible.  Y’all rock!

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