Free Printable Turkey Book – Language And Counting Practice

I just had to share this little beauty with you because Noah and Bella loved it so much!!!  You may remember seeing it on my Thanksgiving Free Printables Post, but here’s the scoop on how we used Five Fat Turkeys, adapted by Kathy Law, in our Home Speech Therapy/Preschool time.

Note the top of the pages – this is one of those books with cut rectangles that get progressively smaller at the top of each page so one less turkey appears every time you turn the page.  Each turn of the page offers an opportunity for your children to point to and count turkeys.

The text is a verse that is repeated on every page with a surprise ending that is very funny!  Since one of Noah’s new speaking words (hooray!) is “me,” it was quite fitting each verse ends with the word “me,” and we used that as bait to get Noah to say “me.”  We got four repetitions (hooray again!)

Better yet, after we finished one reading of the entire book, Noah (6 – Down syndrome) signed “more.”  To the best of my recollection, this was the first time Noah has asked me to go back and read a book again.  In the past, “more” has always meant more books, but he definitely wanted another go-round of Five Fat Turkeys.

Thanks, Miss Law at, for sharing this adorable predictable/repetitive (for us speech and language junkies) book with us!



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