The Three Words I’ve Been Waiting For

Just a couple weeks ago I was so excited that on his own accord Noah came and signed a two-word phrase, “red truck,” to tell me Seth had taken his red truck.

A two-word phrase – on his own initiative.  That’s big stuff for my Little Man.

Well, he’s outdone himself.


Now it’s a three-word phrase.

It’s okay he signed it instead of saying it.

The words I’ve been longing for.

The words every mommy-educator longs for.

The words that let me know he loves . . .

to read.

“Read . . . more . . . book.”


4 thoughts on “The Three Words I’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. Mile stones come slower in our world, so Savor each one. The more tools he has in his toolbox the better off he will be. My son is 26 now and still has trouble with some words, but he just attained the right to Vote. Art

    1. Thanks, Art. I am definately working on building that toolbox. Seeing examples like Clint is a good reminder that equipping our special kids for a life bigger than family life is important. From the articles I’ve read, he has built quite a life for himeself with the help of a very supportive family. His generation has done so much to change the perception of and options for people with Down syndrome.


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