What is Missing in this Picture?

Vote me the most likely momma to forget to slip tooth fairy money under the pillow.

Night after night after night.

Usually my kids finally give up and say, “Mom, can you just give me the $2 dollars?”

And I gratefully respond, “Yes.”

They’re used to it.

I would say after child 3 or 4 it’s normal to stop getting excited about losing teeth.

Or that there’s just too much to think about when one set of our youngsters is losing teeth, another set is getting them pulled, another set is in braces, and my husband and I are fighting receding gum lines.

But I don’t think I even got excited about losing teeth with Daughter Number 1.

Noah’s changed all that.

It’s totally illogical, completely ridiculous, but I am overwhelmingly giddy with pride.

My boy lost his first tooth.

I was busy unwrapping his little fist from a rogue marker when I noticed a bit of red around his mouth.  It looked like blood, but I knew he hadn’t fallen.  Must have grabbed a red marker too when I wasn’t looking.

But then later as I brushed his tooth, there it was.

Or I should say, there it wasn’t.

It’s kind of strange seeing him hit a milestone right on time, just when all his siblings hit it.

And he managed to lose that tooth all by himself, without any help from me – heck, I didn’t even know it was loose.

How could I not know it was loose?

I wonder what else he’s been up to that I don’t know about.

And yes, I remembered to put Tooth Fairy money under his pillow.

Just don’t tell the other kids I remembered.


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