This picture makes me happy.


Well, first of all it is confirmation that just like my other children, Noah has a love for books.

Why is it so important to me to pass this tradition on? I’m not sure.

Sure, I loved books as a kid, and I want my children to share in that pleasure.

As a homeschool mom, books remind me it’s okay if I don’t teach my children everything they need to know myself; they’ll find their own way. Books fill the gaps that as an educator I’m sure to leave, no matter how hard I try to the contrary.

In this picture, Noah isn’t just loving that book he’s reading (Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree). Note his hands. He’s imitating the alligator who is chomping and saying “SNAP.”

It’s been many months since my friend, Michelle, read him that book and taught him how to use his hands to imitate that alligator.

I read it to him last night while he was in the bathtub, and we had great fun “snapping.”

This picture tells me he remembers.

When he was looking at this book himself later, he searched for the pages where the alligator said snap, and that’s when he “snapped.”

He’s recognizing that books don’t just tell a story, but the text and pictures on a page represent specific ideas.

This picture reminds me that Noah has got quite a memory, that the things he picks up here and there, the moments invested here and there are all part of the learning experience.

And it reminds me that someday Noah, Down syndrome and all, WILL read.


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