Voting Rights in Texas for People with Disabilities

Learning about Clinton Gode and what he’s done for disabled adults with guardians in the state of Arizona got me thinking about voting rights here in Texas.

Do people with disabilities lose their right to vote once they are appointed a guardian?

What about people who want to vote but are not physically or cognitively able to fill out a ballot without assistance?

When I went to the voting booths on Tuesday, I read up on some of the literature they had posted.

Here’s what I learned about adults with disabilities IN THE STATE OF TEXAS:

1.  When a guardian is appointed for a person with a physical or cognitive disability they retain their voting rights unless the judge specifically revokes them.

2.  Alternative voting methods are available for people with disabilities:

– Curbside voting – an election official can bring you a ballot as  you wait in your car and then he will take the ballot from you when you are finished.

– Mail-in ballots – You may apply for a ballot that you fill out and return to the early voting clerk in your vicinity.

3.  When voting you have the right to assistance from any person you choose if you cannot read or understand the on-screen directions at the voting booth.

4.  All polling stations must meet strict accessibility standards.

Thank you, Disability Rights Texas, for proving this information and making sure all of us have the right to vote.

For more information on rights for people with disabilities in the state of Texas, including voting rights, housing, accessibility, civil rights, transportation, education and healthcare, please visit


2 thoughts on “Voting Rights in Texas for People with Disabilities”

  1. I’m glad to see Texas thought this through when setting this law(rule) We fought for about the last 9 years here in Az to get this right. researching a problem is where the fix begins. Happy advocating. Art Clint’s Dad

    1. Thanks, Art. I never set out to be an advocate, but I think that’s where I’m heading. I think it’s my big mouth.

      I was delighted to find this information so easily. I had the question about voting rights in Texas but didn’t know who had the answers. I think just being aware of the issue caused me to pay attention when I saw the voting fliers at the polls. It’s amazing how the more you know about something, the more interesting it becomes.

      I love research, so if research is the starting point, I’m headed for advocacy.

      Thanks so much to Clinton and you and your family for bringing awareness about this issue into focus. I loved the article I read about y’all; so encouraging to see children brought up with values that they eventually claim as their own.


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