Down Syndrome and Apraxia – Looking for A Diagnosis

Okay all you speech therapists out there.  Any of you ever diagnosed a child with Down syndrome and apraxia?

Moms – do any of you have children who have been given the dual diagnoses of Down syndrome and apraxia?  How did that come about?  What impact does that have on how speech therapy is approached?

The more speech therapists I’ve talked to , the rarer this dual diagnosis seems to be.

In the world of Down syndrome, it’s mentioned a lot, but at least down here in the South, not very speech therapists are comfortable making that dual diagnosis because there is so much overlap between the two.  I can find lots of SLPs who have worked with kids with Down syndrome or apraxia but never both.

I know somebody out there has the background to make the call, because there are kids with Down syndrome being diagnosed with apraxia because they mention it in the books.

It’s not like I want Noah to have apraxia, but if he has it, I want him diagnosed.  Know what I mean?  The diagnosis would not completely revolutionize his therapy, since his SLP and I are in agreement that even if he has apraxia, he also has some of the more typical Down syndrome speech and language difficulties as well that need to be treated.  For now apraxia has definitely not been ruled out.

I’m in the Austin area but would be willing to travel to the Dallas or Houston area if I felt like we found someone who could at least assess him.  His speech therapist here is totally willing to treat him for apraxia, she just is not equipped to make the call as to whether he has it or not.

Any ideas?

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