Following Directions – Free Cut and Paste Printable

Noah has been learning positional words like over, under, through, on top of, etc. at hippotherapy, so I was looking for some free printables to practice those words at home.  (Click on the thumbnail below for the link to the free printable.)

This free printable was PERFECT!  I actually printed out three copies of this.  Noah (6-with Down syndrome) and Bella (4) did it together.  I’m going to do this with Andres (8) later this week and see if he can do it correctly with auditory-only directions.

Noah is working on his scissor skills, and I am happy to report he is using scissors in a thumb-up position without any prompting.   I cut out the strips and let him cut out the squares as I held the paper for him.  Then I read the directions out loud and helped him paste the pictures where they belonged.

This was challenging for him because it was really a two-step command.  He had to select the right picture first, and then he had to put it on the right spot on the house page.

He didn’t seem to be able to carry over his knowledge of those positional words that he has learned at hippotherapy.  This is a perfect example of how many children with Down syndrome have trouble generalizing information.  Just because Noah has learned what “over” means in relation to horses or even himself positionally, he doesn’t know that that same word is used when he puts the cat “over” the chimney.

It’s easy to get discouraged, but mommies remember, the first time your child learns a concept is the hardest.  As you have to teach the same concept in different situations, it will become easier and easier since the foundation has already been laid.   And just remember, you’re not really “reteaching;” you are  broadening your child’s understanding of the concept.

I loved the fact that both Noah and Bella stayed engaged in this activity for the duration- and there were ten pictures that had to be placed.  I worked in lots of articulation practice along with the vocabulary.  I had Noah attempt each word twice as he glued it, and then at the end I had him attempt each word one more time as I pointed.

Noah”s speech therapist taught him last week that ghosts say “Boo,” so he spent half of our session today yelling “boo” at me.

So nice to hear his voice.  So very, very nice.

8 thoughts on “Following Directions – Free Cut and Paste Printable”

    1. Thanks, Ms. Lane – The more time I spend on your site, the more stuff I find to download for Noah. As long as it’s okay with you, we’ll be blogging more about your materials soon. They are so perfect for where Noah is right now. Thanks for stopping by!

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