Update – Andres (Chiari 1 Malformation)

Well, here we are not even three months out from Andres’ Chiari 1 malformation decompression surgery.

“How are his headaches?” you ask.

“Andres, how are your headaches?”

“What headaches?”

Gone.  Completely gone.

The neurosurgeon shook his head and reminded us the week before surgery that because Andres didn’t have the typical Chiari back-of-the-head headaches, there was only a 30% chance they would go away after surgery.

Gone.  Completely gone.

Andres is running, jumping, playing, riding his bike, getting out of breath, and not needing to come inside and lie down.  The little boy with the grimmace is gone.

It’s amazing what a few months (and a great surgeon) can do.

9 thoughts on “Update – Andres (Chiari 1 Malformation)”

  1. It is wonderful to read your son’s experience/recovery from chiari I malformation surgery. My daughter, 15 years, has been diagnosed with this also. We saw Dr Mark Lee, Timothy George’s partner, at Dell’s Children’s. He recommends surgery and recommended Dr Timothy George for a 2nd opinion. I would love to speak/write with you, as we are trying to make a decision as to which surgeon. Thank you!

  2. Hello- I just wanted to thank you for blog about Andres. I have two girls Olivia 4 with Chiari and Syrinxs and Abrianna 6 with Chiari. We are using Dr. George and they go to surgery together coming up in June. I was very encouraged to read everything about your experience with Dr. George. How is Andres now? Did his Syrinx go away? My blog is http://www.childrenschiari.blogspot.com about my girls. I was going to email contact you but I couldn’t figure out how! 🙂 Anyways, again thank you for your story.

    1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your comment. I look forward to reading about your girls, and I will email you privately so you’ll have my email address.


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