Read, Think, Match

We had a lot of fun last week with this free printable from

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TPT download:

This is technically an “Earth Day” printable, but we just used it because it was a great idea, and the graphics were so well done.  This is designed to be a cut and paste, but I went ahead and laminated all three pages and cut out the text boxes.

The idea is simple.  There are pictures on a page, and text boxes describe the person in the picture.  The student is to match the text to the correct person using the clues in the text.

Bella (4) and Noah (6 – with Down syndrome) used the easy worksheet; four pictures with very basic text.  I read the words and they looked at the pictures and put the text box on the right one.

Eden (7) and Andres (8) used the most advanced version with six pictures on the page and more abstract text.  They read the text on their own and did the matching.

Each child did very well on this exercise.  I plan to wait a few weeks and pull out the difficult version for Eden and Andres again, but this time I will read the text to them and they will have to find the correct picture based on auditory input alone.  I’m curious to see if there’s any measurable difference between their auditory and visual processing.


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