Mr. Potato Head Sequencing Activity

Cruising Pinterest, I saw a fantastic idea for using a Mr. Potato Head for a sequencing activity.  It looked like there was a free printable, so I pinned it to my Speech Therapy at Home Board and bought a huge Mr. Potato Head Anniversary Edition at Costco for Noah’s birthday.  The said Mr. Potato Head was actually a set of two Potato Heads and all kinds of accessories.

Fast forward to today when I actually sat down to print out the activity.  Alas, the link is broken, the free printable that once existed seems to exist no more.

I did find one for $2.00 over at Teachers Pay Teachers, but the picture strips she has don’t match up to my Potato Head set.  The colors are all wrong, and I am quite sure asking Noah to match up body parts that are a different color than the ones on the pictures would push him over the edge.

So, if you own the Mr. Potato Head with the green hat, yellow arms and orange feet, pay the two bucks to Teachers Pay Teachers and get a very nice set of 18 sequencing strips.

For the rest of you, if you happen to buy the Costco Anniversary Edition with the set of two Potato Heads and your colors match mine, here’s a 7-step sequencing board just for you.

You can make this very easy by only setting out one set of arms, one set of feet, one set of ears, etc.  If you want to make it a little trickier, have multiple options out, but of course only one set will correctly match the picture.

To use this, give your child a Mr. Potato Head body and the various body parts in a box or on a tray.  The idea is they use the body parts to make their Potato Head match the pictures.  Show them the first picture and ask them, “Hmm.  What does Mr. Potato Head have?”  They should answer “shoes,” and choose the shoes from their box to put the Potato Head on.  For the next frame, ask, “Now what does Mr. Potato Head have?”  They should answer “mouth,” as they look for the mouth in their box.  Proceed through all seven frames in a similar fashion.

Mr. Potato Head seems like a popular speech therapy tool.  What’s your favorite way to use Mr. Potato Head in the journey towards speech?  If you’ve blogged about your experiences with this classic toy, don’t be shy – leave a link with your comment and let’s see how many ideas we can come up with.

Incidentally, a mom asked me the other day what I use to make my PEC boards.  This board was made using free software I downloaded at  I also heavily rely on, an inexpensive subscription-based service.  Both programs allow me to share my work with you, but the Mrs. Riley site would allow me to go for-profit as well.  (Don’t worry, that’s’ not going to happen any time soon.)


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