Daddy, Noah Said . . .

My children have fallen into some really bad habits of late, namely tattling.  The thing that irritates me the most is when two of them start misbehaving together and then when things start getting out of hand, one of them turns informant and hollers out, “Mooooooooooooom, So and So is doing                                                                      .

Of course, the Littles are picking up this very entertaining (NOT) game.  They seem to enjoy playing it in the car the most.  We have a “no potty talk” rule at our house.  The Littles have taken to whispering “pee pee” and “poopie” to each other in the car and after it goes on for a while, one of them inevitably tattles on the other.  See, they know if I’m driving I have no way of getting to the bottom  of who said what to who.

Noah has been sporadically saying poopie and pee pee for weeks, and he seems to be in on the game.  Kind of hard to get mad at the kid when I’m so delighted he’s starting to use language “appropriately” with his siblings.  Okay, appropriately may not be the word I’m looking for.

I had to laugh the other night, though.  I haven’t brought Andrew up to speed on all this.  I came home after being out with the older children, and Andrew told me with a smirk that Seth tattled on Noah for saying potty talk.  He assumed Seth was making it up.

I doubt it.


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