Me Me Me Me Me Me Me


I love that word.

Aw, give me a break.  It’s not for the reason you think.

I love it when it comes out of Noah’s mouth.

A new word.

Noah’s birthday was Sunday.  We’ve been doing lots of talking about birthdays.

Yesterday my mom came to visit.  I asked Noah, “Who had a birthday?”

“Me,” he said with his hand to his chest.

“Me,” he said, clear as a bell.

He did it again today for his speech therapist.

Don’t ya just love it when you have a witness to the amazing stuff your courageous kiddo is doing?

What is your courageous kiddo doing today that he wasn’t doing six months ago?


2 thoughts on “Me Me Me Me Me Me Me”

  1. I love any chance to brag on my 2 courageous kiddos!

    Our 6 yo (FAS/RAD) has demonstrated compassion towards others and was able to communicate that she understands the concept of kindness – even if you don’t want to. We also had the first real visit with her biological brother since the adoption was final 3/2011. God is so good! There was no negative fallout behaviorally and she seems to “get it” that this truly is a forever family!

    Our 22 month old (missing 1/3 of her brain, CP, Epilepsy, CVI, functionally deaf, G-tube) stood independently for 39 seconds, made the mmmmm sound while pushing a car, and stacked 2 blocks independently.

    Like you had shared several posts ago these things were taken for granted with the older 4 – it was what kids do. When you have to struggle for each skill and concept even the smallest hint of progress is worth a celebration!!

    1. Wow. I had to go pull out my old medical transcription books to decode all those abbreviations. You’re 22-month old rocks! You might enjoy That mamma has kids with special needs, including Selah who was diagnosed similarly to your 22-month old, and I think Selah is about the same age.

      Your 6-year-old is rocking too! I don’t know much about FAS, but it seems like the whole being able to empathize and show kindness is very difficult for some of those kiddos. It is amazing what a loving, supportive environment can do.

      Blessings to you,

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