Red Truck

I was trying to clean one side of the house, when I heard a familiar wail coming from the other side of the house.  Soon, a tear-stained Noah arrived at my side wanting my attention.

Ah, I see the hand coming to the face, he’s going to sign.

Index finger brushing lips and curling into palm (red).  Two fists formed as if gripping a large steering wheel (truck).

Did you catch that?  That was a two-word phrase.  Unsolicited.  From my 6-year-old with Down syndrome and suspected apraxia.

The only time I get more than a one-word utterance is if Noah is signing something that starts “I want” or ends with “please.”

(It turns out he was playing with the red truck and Seth grabbed it away from him.)

This is a HUGE, HUGE milestone in speech and language development.  It usually precedes a huge spurt in language acquisition.  I’m not sure what this means for Noah, so I have to remind myself to be fully present and rejoice in the moment we’re in.

I found a great article about two-word phrases and their significance in the area of speech and language pathology here:


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