Minimal Pairs – Targeting Final Consonant Deletion

With as much success as Noah has had since his speech therapist introduced him to minimal pairs, I wanted to share some materials with you to try with your kiddos.  This is a set of 10 PEC-style cards, that’s 5 minimal pairs.  These are words that start with b and end with a long vowel or long vowel and then t:  boo and boot, bay and bait, bee and beet, bow and boat and buy and bite.

Minimal Pairs – b- and b-t

A few suggestions on how to use them –

1.  Keep the boards intact and point to each picture as your child says it.  Ideally, try to get 3 word productions for each picture.  The next best thing would be to get one word production on the first word in the pair and three on the second.

2.  Cut the cards into sets keeping each pair intact.  Place the cards face down in front of your child in a stack, have him turn over a card and say the words (see #1 for procedure).  Offer a motivator such as a whistle to blow or a bell to ring for every set completed.

3.  Cut the cards apart and use them to make a memory (concentration) – type game.

These are just very basic ideas on how to use these.  I’d love to hear from the speech therapists out there and mommys too who have some more creative ways to use cards like these.




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