Holiday Eggnog Latte Recipe

Eggnog – definitely one of those things I wait all year for.  Although we don’t “celebrate” Halloween, I do a little happy dance in the dairy aisle this time every year now that the powers that be have decided the official eggnog season starts in October.  This recipe is a great excuse to start sipping eggnog first thing in the morning.  (Like I really need an excuse.)

Holiday Eggnog Latte

2/3 cup espresso or coffee

3 Tbl eggnog

2 tsp sugar

a smidgen of nutmeg (optional)

Do I really need to tell you how to do it?  Throw it all together and inhale deeply.  That’s a latte holiday in your cup.  Hee hee.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Eggnog Latte Recipe”

  1. I’ve noticed so many people talking about eggnog and how much they love this time of year because it’s everywhere… So I went looking for it, and we don’t have it…. Any recipes for ‘homemade eggnog’? 😀

    1. Oh no. Now I feel bad for putting the taste in your mouth. No recipes from me – the only homemade eggnog I had was laced with wayyyyyyy too much of something and it was pretty nasty. Funny you mention it, though, because I went to HEB today looking for more, and all they had were little itty bottles of it (qt). Last week I found half gallons at the same store. I love the stuff so much – made rice cereal for my kids today and put eggnog in it. Oh my gosh it was SOOOOO yummy!!!!

      BTW, I love your blog – you’re a great writer!


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