Whatever Works

You know how sometimes things just fall into place and work out so much better than you could have imagined?

That’s kind of how Noah’s latest Mommy Time Speech Therapy Session went.  The other kids were lining up for gum, and of course Noah wanted some too, even though I had his minimal pair words in hand and we were on our way to a quiet place to do them.

“Well, maybe some gum will wake up his mouth,” I thought.

So Noah got gum too and started off on the right foot putting great effort into each of his words.  Well, that lasted for about four words.  Next, he started rolling up the gum wrapper into a little ball and throwing it at the pictures I was holding up.  He’s like that, you know.  A little mischief and a little disobedience mixed in with resistence.  It’s enough to start this tired mama pulling her hair out by the roots.

So we all know that once a child has made a ball out of anything, it only follows that it will become a projectile.

Noah’s choice target was his words.

Seeing we were going downhill anyway, I chose to encourage him and say, “Good shot, Noah, you hit the “deep.”  And then I promptly took the foil ball and held it tightly in my hand.

He reached for it and I said, “No, you have to do the next page before you get to throw again.”

Ahhhh, he likes this game.

So he did his next two sets of minimal pairs, I gave him the foil ball, he threw and hit his target, and we proceeded through the rest of his words.  I had to be rather insistent toward the end, but overall this was an easy session.

Sometimes the student becomes the teacher.

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