While I Was Out

(Also known as What Noah Has Learned on His Saturdays With Daddy.)

So I take Noah in for speech therapy this morning, and his speech therapist announced we were going to do something a little different today.  He’s been resistant to doing his flash cards with her lately, so she was going to introduce a computerized version.  Noah loves anything that is on a screen, so so far so good.  Well, he was so cooperative she let him have a try with the mouse.  His difficulty using a computer mouse was one of the main factors in us buying an iPAD.  He didn’t seem to have the foggiest concept of how the movement of the mouse related to the cursor on the screen.  Or so I thought.

See, he took hold of that mouse this morning, moved it around, got his cursor in the right position on the screen, and he clicked.  Now that I think about it, he may have needed some prompting to click, but he was sure moving it with purpose and accuracy.

How weird is that?  To go from zero to 180 in just a couple months?

So I mentioned it to Andrew who nonchalantly mentioned that when I go AWOL on Saturday mornings for my Saturday Solitude, and he takes the kids to the library.  Noah’s been spending his library time on the children’s computer.

With or without help?

Oh, mostly without.

So my courageous kid has figured it out on his own.

Guess I’ll have to take back my his iPad.

Don’t count on it.


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