A Week in the Life

Noah’s not been impressing his speech therapist lately with his cooperation level.  I love her optimism, “Maybe he’s just going through a motor development spurt,” she says.

Come to think of it, our Courageous Kid has been doing some amazing things as of late.

Like . . .

Cutting with scissors.  YES!!!!

And then there was the day my little Rocket Man  showed me he not only could lift himself into the swing all by himself, but he could also get himself going and stay going all by himself.

And tracing worksheets (Note the way I colored the starting picture and the ending picture.)  When it came time for Noah to trace, I had him name the color he needed to match each set of pictures, so we got to review colors and trace all at the same time.

And there’s the funny little way he’s started telling me my compulsive picture taking for this blog is really getting on his nerves.  When he sees me whip my camera out, he gives me two or three posed cheesy grin shots and then signs all done and pushes the camera away.

Last week he climbed up on the trampoline when he saw I was using it to dry a rug.  He rolled up the rug (it was heavy) and dragged it across the trampoline, and when that got to hard for him, he got down on his hands and knees and tried to move it with his head.  He is getting to be one strong little boy.

And then there’s the way he’s been acting an awful lot like he’s almost finished potty training.

How about this worksheet he did?  I circled the first letter, but he did all the rest.  (Yes, I did show him which letter to circle, but he did the circling himself, and this was a wonderful opportunity to talk about the vocabulary in the pictures and which letters make which sound.)  Remember, children with Down syndrome learn by imitating.  Don’t think you’re not accomplishing anything if you are having to do most of the work when  you introduce a new concept or task.  Do as much for them as they need in order to succeed in the task, and then start withdrawing support one tiny bit at a time.

You know, Noah is starting to look a lot like a kindergartener to me.

Maybe he is going through a motor (or something) spurt after all.

So, can I sit back and enjoy it, or do I need to keep pushing for words?


4 thoughts on “A Week in the Life”

    1. He knew I was taking a picture of him, so he was posing for the camera-he knows I’m wanting a smile. But after a few shots now he gets really annoyed and insists I put the camera away.

      Must run in the family.

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