AWANA Cubby Bear Hug 3 – Genesis 1:1 in PECs

Reality Check – These free Scripture printables of Genesis 1:1 are in no way created or endorsed by AWANA.  They are just this mama’s attempt to help her little boy with Down syndrome  and others with special needs plant the seeds of God’s Word in their hearts.

Here’s the latest PEC board Noah is using for Cubbies.  I’m thinking I’m more of a  distraction to Noah than a help when I attend Cubbies with him, so I’ve been helping the older AWANA kids while he and Bella go to Cubbies.  His leader has agreed to use his PEC book with him to recite his verses.  Yay!

Here’s the board for Genesis 1:1:

awana Bear Hug 3 Genesis 1 1

As always, I printed off two copies so he could match individual PECs to the board.  Here’s a look at how it’s done:

How is it going for your special kids in extracurricular activities?  How are/aren’t they being accomodated?


6 thoughts on “AWANA Cubby Bear Hug 3 – Genesis 1:1 in PECs”

  1. Thank you! I’ve been printing these for my daughter as well. We’re combining these with sign language and she’s doing pretty well. My daughter is 3 and also has DS. We cannot understand most of what she says so far, so these have been wonderful tools for us as well. Where do you find your images?

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ann. I’m glad they are being used!!! Good question. I made those on Finding images that I’m allowed to use on my printables is a challenge, and at, part of your paid subscription is the right to use all the images for non-profit OR profit. We combine our PECS with sign language too, but we could not afford Boardmaker. The Mrs. Riley site is only like $5.95 or so a month and it is so EASY to use. I was making boards the first day, and I’m not sure if they still do this, but they used to offer a free 24-hour membership for people who just wanted to try it. Another great feature is you have the option of keeping the boards you make private or public. So as a member, you have access to all the public boards (and there are a lot of them) everybody else has made. Another good option is that I use. This is a free downloadable PEC-making program. It has THOUSANDS of PECs. You can use those images for nonprofit work but not for profit.

      1. Thank you. I think our kids are in different books…Sierra is in Jumper. Our verses aren’t lining up exactly the same any more. How would you do “He….made everything beautiful.”? I’m not nearly as creative as you. I started to resort to strictly sign language for this one – but thought I’d reach out for help, too.

      2. Bummer. My kiddos are in Apple Seed. For He made everything beautiful, I’d do my PC for God, then my PEC for made which is blocks being built up, everything could be hands holding a whole bunch of stuff or a circle around a bunch of things, beautiful I’d probably do as a rainbow. Sorry I don’t have this one made for you. Win some, lose some.


  2. It’s okay. I just leaned what you meant by “Apple Seed”. Our club is still using the old books this year (and actually switched last week to Hopper instead of Jumper). The ideas you shared have helped me get started and for that, I am very grateful. I found another great app that I’m going to let Sierra try on our iPad – it’s called So Much 2 Say. It wasn’t free (and I bought it by accident) – but I’m going to play with it to see how she does with communication using it. If you’re interested, I’ll let you know how well it works out for her.

    1. Oh, definately. I’ve been doing some give-aways lately and gave away two AAC apps worth $49.95 a piece this week. I’ve got one going on right now for a preschool math app, make sure to look for Hungry Guppy app giveaway through my search box. It ends tomorrow. Don’t you just hate how easy it is to purchase those apps without meaning to?

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