A Conversation With Noah

Strangest thing happened tonight.

I had a chat with my Noah (5 – with Down syndrome).

He was engrossed with his Duplos which he suddenly has a renewed interest in.   I was walking by and I said, “Whatcha building?”

You know how when you have a child who has a speech delay, you ask questions that you never expect to get an answer to?

He looked up at me and signed, clear as a bell, “house.”

“House, you’re building a house?”

Then he signed “bathtub.” 

Okay, a house with a bathtub in it.

The he signed “bath” again and pointed to me.

I had given him a bath earlier this evening, so I said, “Yes, I gave you a bath, didn’t I?”

He smiled and said his “Da,” which means yes.

We were conversing.  It wasn’t a script, it wasn’t our typical speech therapy at home exchange.  We were taking turns having a conversation. 

And he had his own thought he wanted to communicate to me – that he remembered the bath I gave him.

And he was pretending – engaging in imaginative play – not just stacking Duplos – he was building a house.

With a bathtub.

I know people who celebrate each milestone like this with each of their children.  I could never do it.  I just wasn’t that impressed.  Kids are kids.  Of course they play, of course they build, of course they talk.

And then came Noah.




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