Pinned It, Did it!!! Chocolate-Cherry Cake From a Box (Shhhhhhhh!)

Photo by Lizzy at – Click on photo to go to the original recipe.

I went out on a limb and tried a new Pinterest recipe for my husband’s birthday.  A huge, undeniable success.  A few of my children even told me it was the best cake I ever made – and I’ve made lots of cakes.  Granted, most of them have been right out of a box, but . . .

. . . so was this one!  Well, at least it started with a box mix.

But this was no ordinary cake!!! 

And it was undeniably easy.

Think devil food cake mix, almond flavoring, cherry pie filling, mixed and baked and then glazed with cocoa, powdered sugar, vanilla and butter.  It reminded me a lot of a Texas sheet cake, only much, MUCH yummier.

The bonus with this recipe is that it is a GREAT cake to make with kids.  There are few ingredients to measure, and there are several opportunities to mix, pour and dump.

For all you pinners out there, here’s the pin:


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