Pinned It, Did It, A Whole Meal from Pinterest

Okay, okay.  It’s not as elaborate as it sounds.  This was our meal, eggs and potatoes:

This meal was a HUGE success!!! 

As my family grows larger (not in numbers but in pounds and inches), I’m having to find ways to cook much more food than usual.  Our days of being able to fry eggs and potatoes for everyone in a large skillet are over.   My skillet-fried potatoes always took too long and never turned out crispy anyway. 

When I saw the pin for frying potatoes in a waffle iron, I knew I had struck gold (get it – gold?).  Why wouldn’t it work?  Turns out shredding potatoes in a cheese grater, adding a little grated onion, and then frying them in a waffle iron turns out the best tasting crispy hash browns EVER!!!!  I cooked a whole batch in about ten minutes.  Outrageous, I tell you.

And then there’s the eggs in a muffin tin idea.  Could I really cook 24 eggs at one time (in two muffin pans) and have them turn out perfect?  (350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.)  I could, I did!  Each egg was evenly and perfectly cooked, and after greasing the muffin tins liberally and then sliding a knife around each egg before releasing, the eggs popped right out in the cutest little muffin shape.  Better than my fried eggs ever turned out!

We added in some oven-fried bacon as well.  Did you know you can cook bacon on a foil-lined cookie sheet in the over at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes?  You’ll LOVE it!

It can be a challenge to cook for so many people; but this little combo meal is responsible for bringing home-cooked breakfast back to our table.

And to that my kids and my husband say YAY for Pinterest!


4 thoughts on “Pinned It, Did It, A Whole Meal from Pinterest”

  1. I found a recipe (I think Rachael Ray) for proscuitto, cheese, and egg in a muffin time and baking it for a similar temperature and length of time. It was so go and reheated fine the next day. So simple, but tasty. The proscuitto made some bites a bit salty, but overall it was delicious.

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