AWANA Cubbies – PECs for Bear Hug 1 – Romans 3:23

Note:  The printables offered on this blog are in no way endorsed or sponsored by the AWANA program.  They are simply one mother’s attempt to help her son and others with similar disabilities hide the Word of God in their heart.

Another week, another scripture memory verse for Noah.  This week it’s Romans 3:23 – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  The Cubbies verse is simplified down to “All have sinned.”

Here’s a two-PEC version of that verse:

Romans 3 23

For a look at how we use these PECs, see

This is a great way to help children in general memorize scripture, but especially our dear ones with disabilities like Down syndrome, autism and other communication disorders.  For older children, taking a Bible verse and reducing it to two- or three-word phrases and pictures and then having them put them in order is a great memorization technique.  It’s also a great way to turn Bible memorization into a family activity.

Hope your Cubbies are having a great week and are excited about memorizing their Bible verses.  Noah (5) Down syndrome and Bella (4) are having a blast!


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