X-Rays: Negative

Apparently the x-rays say Noah’s hips look officially normal.  So, we can assume he doesn’t have Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or other hip problems I suppose.  And it does seem like his unexplained limp has improved over the last few days.  So, we watch and wait. 

I like having answers to these little medical mysteries, especially since Noah is essentially nonverbal.  He did sign “hurt” today, and he pointed to his knee when I asked him where it hurt.  But then he just went on about his business, so I’m left saying hmmmmmm????

But I’ll take normal hips on the boy.  I was a bit afraid we might be entering a new season in the life of our otherwise healthy Noah. 

Thanks for the prayers, and please keep on praying for a resolution of whatever is causing the limp.  It’s okay if I never know why he was limping – just make it go away!


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