Ten Little Indians – Free PECs Song Board

Noah learned the difference between little and big months ago, but I’m finding it so important to review his learned concepts with him to make sure he is transferring his knowledge and is remembering what he is learning.  This can be a real challenge for our little guy due to his Down syndrome.

Since we’re spending a lot of time these days learning to count, 10 Little Indians is the perfect song for us to make a PEC song board for, since it has all the numbers 1-10 AND the word little in it.  Of course Noah insists we share it with you.  🙂

This was made on Picto-Selector (http://www.pictoselector.eu/), a free Microsoft Windows application.  (If you’re into PECs, you’ve gotta check out their website – it’s for your own good – I promise!!!!)  Click on the thumbnail for a printable PDF of Ten Little Indians in PECs.

Some ideas for using this activity:

  1. Print out PECs and point to (and have your child point to) the 1 card as you say one, the 2 card as you say two, all the way to 10.
  2. Sing the Ten Little Indian song with your child, pointing to each PEC as you come to it in the song.  If your child isn’t following along naturally, use hand-over-hand assistance.
  3. Cut apart the PECs and use a story board and Velcro dots on the back of the PECs to create a sequencing activity.  Your child can start with sequencing the number PECs in order.  Then try talking through the song, having your child find and place the appropriate PEC on the story board in order.  When the board is complete, go back and sing your way through the song, again pointing as you get to each PEC.

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