Clogged Toilets and Annointed Moments

Earlier this year when it started hitting me how close Trinity is to launching into the world, I began a season of thanksgiving for the people and events that I think influenced her towards greatness.  Life has not always been easy for Trinity, from a daughter of a single mom to a daughter of two overly critical and often overly tired  parents, the eldest at home in charge of six siblings.  Yet she has excelled in pretty much everything she has attempted, has the self-motivation of a champion, and has a heart for children and people who struggle. 

What’s the difference between her and so many kids her age?  Yes, a lot of it is just Trinity, but the Lord put some pretty awesome people in Trinity’s life that have drawn greatness out of her, and one of those people was her first church youth pastor, Jennifer.  This sweet lady was the most fully present youth leader I have ever met.  She had a vision and she had a heart, and she invested 100% of herself in youth ministry during the week and on Sundays.  Anyways, from a very young age (7?), she gave Trinity (and others) leadership opportunities that I never would have imagined a child could handle.  And you know what?  Trinity rose to the occasion.  Trinity came to know and love Jesus under Jennifer’s tutelage, and she learned some very important truths about God and His love for us that shone through the darkness of legalism, hyperpatriarchy, hyper-Calvinism and questionable doctrine which we have encountered over the last few years. 

When we moved away from Wimberley, we lost touch with Jennifer who eventually moved on from our old church.  When I heard that she had left that form of children’s ministry, I had a burden on my heart to make sure that she knew the impact that she had on Trinity’s life.  I tried a couple ways to get in touch with her which failed, and then I gave up, but the burden never left.

That brings us to yesterday.

For the second time in less than a year, we’ve had to pay a plumber to come all the way out to our neck of the woods to retrieve objects Noah has sent to their watery grave with a flush of the handle. 

Interesting, now that I think about it – both items were bathroom fixtures.  First it was the toilet paper rod, and this time it was the stopper from the bathroom sink that has been just resting on the drain for weeks.  Our water is so hard out here that it eats through the material that is supposed to anchor it down.

Anyway, there’s this fantastic plumber the next town over  who we’ve been loyal to for years.  The owner’s family were homeschoolers, and the business was a family business.  It turns out he sold the business to yet another homeschooling family, and the new owner is just as nice. 

What I remembered, though, from last time was that a service call was $85.  Seeing how our family is spending at least 25% more every month than we were six months ago and we cannot figure out how, I thought I’d shop around and try to get a better deal for my itty bitty problem.  Turns out everybody else is charging over $100 these days for a service call, so I quickly tucked my tail between my legs and called our favorite plumber.  Since the former owner’s wife and daughters ran the phones for him, the office staff is new.  So, this sweet little voice answered the phone something like this:

“Thanks for calling                                            , this is Jennifer.  How can I help you?”

I gave her my name and told her my problem.   She started taking my information and then stopped and asked me my name again and asked me if I used to go to a certain church, which I did. 

I happened to remember she said her name was Jennifer when she answered the phone, so I quickly put two and two together (former youth pastor!) and we had ourselves a nice little reunion over the phone.  And I got to tell her what the Lord had put on my heart.   Finally.  Whew. 

Is there a greater blessing than being able to tell someone from your heart how they have changed your life or the life of your child?  And to capture a God-given moment?  Such sweet mercies our Heavenly Father gives us.  Such an unexpected surprise.

And to think I’ve been crying out to God lately to let me see Him in the mix of things.  I’ve really been struggling to give Him the glory for things that man can so easily explain.  I just love it when He shows up.

How has He been showing up in your life lately?

P.S.  If you happen to need a GREAT plumber in the Wimberley, San Marcos, Dripping Springs area, drop me a line and I’d be glad to let you in on my little secret.


One thought on “Clogged Toilets and Annointed Moments”

  1. The toilet conundrum: What’s okay to go in there and what’s not.
    When “bathroom words” are the right words to use.
    Noah has quite a challenge to figure these things out.

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