On the Road Again . . .

Okay, really.  I haven’t been “on the road” in a very long time.  But I wanted to save my catchy titles like, “Leaving on a Jet Plane” for later in the week because . . .

Guess who is flying for the very first time?

That’s right!  Noah!!!! 

My mom has made it possible for Trinity, Noah and me to fly to New York with her and some other family members to attend a family reunion I have not attended in about 14 years.  I cannot wait!!!!  Some of my favorite people are going to be there, people who have loved my kids and me at a distance for decades.  And they get to meet Noah, uh, I mean, Noah gets to meet them!!!!

Andrew’s taking off a couple days of work to stay with the rest of the kiddos, so the  three of us will be footloose and fancy free in New York.  My mom rented us a beach house on Long Island just a few blocks away from her cousin’s house.  Noah’s never even been to the beach.   Can you imagine?   I know I’m crazy, but I bought him a pail and shovel today – it’s going in the suitcase.

And Trinity and her uncle and cousin are touring Manhattan on Friday with a paid driver.  This is like right out of a movie.

I’m kind of nervous about how Noah will do flying.  I imagine the takeoffs and landings will really freak him out, and when he gets freaked out he has the most terrified wail that will just break your heart.  I’m bringing a CD player and headphones, but if I remember right, they won’t let you use those until after you’re in the air for a spell.  Hmmm.  Maybe if I mention that terrified wail. . .

So, we’ll be leaving the house about 4:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.  Yikes.  Hope they have a Starbucks on board the plane!  I’ll be blogging whenever I can, but uploading to the internet may prove to be difficult until we hit the airport again on Sunday.  I’ll do my best.

Wish us God speed and smooth sailing.




2 thoughts on “On the Road Again . . .”

  1. How exciting, Alyson! I really like that story… can’t wait to read the rest 😉 BUT, you just take your time. Don’t worry about blogging. All of us will be right here, waiting for you to come back online again 😉

    Have a wonderful time! Will be thinking about you and praying for you guys.

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